Table of Content

table of contents


Magazine Analysis

  1.  National Geographic ( Dolphins in the Crisis )    The font is white to pop from the background. The cover represents wildlife in the ocean , dolphins in the natural habitat. The table of content shows ways of living and habitat for wildlife in the ocean. The targeted audience is anyone interested in learning about animals ways of life. The genre is Realistic. I will be using under water photos of wildlife.
  2. National Geographic (Inside the Great White)   The font is white to pop from the dark blue water. The cover represents the main topic. The table of content states prey and praetors of the Great White. The audience is targeted towards all ages anyone that whats the learn more and the Great white. The genre is realistic with lots of facts. I will not be focusing on sharks.
  3. National Geographic (North Atlantic Whale In Danger)   The font is white again popping from the dark blues in the background  photo. The cover is a realistic drawing of a whale representing the main topic. The table of content talks about saving and helping whales. Audience is anyone interested in this topic. My magazine will not include photos of whales. And this magazine is facts based.