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My name is Madelyn Thies and I am doing a magazine project for my AICE mediastudies.  I would like to make my magazine about relationships and relationship advice.  It would be a new magazine every week and it would include weekly horoscopes,  famous relationships status, and would have quotes from the best relationship counselor on how to have a healthy relationship etc.  This magazine would be designed according to the buyer , you have to visit our website and when you subscribe to the magazine you will fill out and answer questions so that the magazine will be perfect for  you , including when your birthday is so we have your horoscope and what your favorite movies are , what your favorite sports teams are, favorite foods, and your relationship status etc. At any time you can change the answers to these questions like for example you were single when you subscribed but 2 months later your in a relationship just go back to the website and change that info.                                                                                                                                                                      ( ) This website is where I calculated the cost.
( ) This website is one website would would use to help give you the best advice. ( ) This website is another example of the type of things we would include like , how to tell if a guy is interested in you ,etc. My magazine would also advertise may things that may interest many people.


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