Winter Break

My winter break was pretty interesting, my dad’s side of the family and my mom’s parents come down from Ohio.  I spent most of my break with my boyfriend. Christmas eve I got up and get dressed and made sure I looked nice because I was meeting new people I went to my boyfriend house for dinner and a fire. Then Christmas day  i woke up and we opened presents early in the morning and then cleaning the house up because we were having a party at 3 and we had a huge dinner with everyone over then just hung out and everyone talked about how their life is. On the 27th my dad,boyfriend,and I went to the Florida Georgia line to camp .                                                                                                                               We stayed up there till the 29 and came home . The 30th I went to my boyfriends house and was sleeping over for New Years. We had this amazing pasta his dad made then we watched “The autopsy of Jane doe ” but everyone fell asleep and we woke up at 11:40 put on jackets and went next door to light fireworks with his family friends. We went back and went to sleep the next day we watched the football game Miami Dolphins VS. the New England Patriots, the Patriots are my favorite team but him and his dad love the Dolphins but of course the Patriots won. Monday we just hung out and Tuesday we went to the beach with three of his friends and watched them play football and we jumped off this bridge and then went home after that.                                                                                                                                  Wednesday night I went to watch him play at community for a breast cancer tournament, his team won that game. We went fishing on Deer run and in the lake behind my house. Then Saturday he had another game super early so I went and got breakfast at Dunkin and then went to watch him play , his team lost that game. We had to go back later in the day and it was so cold we were freezing. His dad and I watched him play , it began to rain and the wind was blowing so it got super cold.                                                                                    They lost that game to so we got to leave instead of watching him play another game. Sunday I went to the Palm Beach outlet mall and got some new stuff then got dropped off at his house again to watch the Dolphins game. That was basically my winter break.


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